Barbara & Di’s Coffee Morning in the Village Hall
Di Navara & Barbara Jarman at one of the six-monthly donations from the Coffee Morning accompanied by Petronella Humphreys


A group of gentlemen admiring the flower displays and thinking of thier waistlines by ignoring the cakes – at least for a few minutes!

This was started in as an experiment in September 2011 and continued until February 2022. The initiative arose from a wish by Barbara Jarman and Di Navara to provide a way of getting the local community together, especially the elderly, in order that members could meet and chat whilst enjoying a warm drink and some home-made cake.  For no more than £1-£1.50 a cup of coffee or tea, a home made biscuit and a slice of cake could be enjoyed while chatting with friends as well as meeting other residents in the village.  The cost was deliberately kept low so that it did not become an issue and a reason for people not to attend.  It was also decided that no fund-raising of any kind would take place at these mornings as it had been recognised that similar events in the past had not attracted all residents because they feared being asked for additional money to take part in raffles and lotteries which then placed unnecessary pressure on those taking part.  The enterprise became so popular that it also atrracted many people from outside of the village. Despite not aiming to make a profit the numbers attending and a few people making kind donations resulted in a small profit.  Di and Barbsra ensured that any profit was fed back into the village by making donations every six months to various organisations or groups within the village that would benefit the community.  However, all good things come to an end and in February 2022 the Coffee Morning (or Club as it became known by the regulars) closed and the statement below was published by Barbara and Di.  Click the link to read.