Ian Delvallé

Councillor and Chair of the Parish Council

Ian is a retired Civil Servant.  He and his wife…


Christopher Smith

Vice-Chair of the Parish Council. Councillor with a responsiblty for Information Technology

I am a more recent recruit to the Parish Council,…


Petronella Humphreys

Councillor - previously several years as Chair and Vice-Chair. Responsible for the Gosling Educational Foundation

My connection with Farnham is long. My family first came…


Barbara Jarman

Councillor with a responsiblity for the Recreation Ground and the village War Memorial

My mother’s family lived in Farnham and I spent much…


Robert Navara

Councillor with a responsiblty for Parish Paths and Bridleways; defibrillators

I was co-opted on to the Farnham Parish Council in…


Graham Sessions

Councillor with a interest in CCTV in the village

I have lived in Farnham since 1977, when I purchased…


Natasha Wainwright

Councillor and Parish Council representative on the Village Hall Management Committee

I have only recently become a parish councillor initially by…


Peter Jarman

Clerk and Responsble Finance Officer (RFO)

Peter has been Clerk since 2003 and is a resident…