Agenda for meeting on Monday 13th May 2024

Agendas Uploaded on May 5, 2024


Annual Parish Council Meeting to be held on Monday 13th May 2024 at 8pm

In the Village Hall, Farnham


To members of the Council

You are hereby summonsed to attend the Annual meeting of Farnham Parish Council on Monday 13th May 2024 at 8pm for the purpose of transacting the following business at The Village Hall, Farnham.

Peter Jarman (Clerk to the Council)

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  1. Apologies for Absence & Declarations of Interest.

To accept and approve apologies for absence and any declarations of interest with regards to items on

the agenda.


  1. Election of Officers and Acceptance of Office. (Relevant forms previously circulated).

[Positions as filled for current year can be found on page 3]

  1. Declaration and Acceptance of Office forms to be signed.
  2. Election of Chair; Acceptance of Office.
  3. Election of vice-Chair. Acceptance of Office.
  4. Completion of the Register of Interests.
  5. Review of the Parish Council Assets.
  6. Election of Representatives for Outside Bodies.
  • Internal Auditor
  • Village Hall Management Committee
  • Tree Warden
  • Emergency Planning Representative
  • Ancient Charities (Mrs Pinder’s term of office ends 2024; other trustees are Mr Flack & Mrs Harper).
  • Parish Paths Partnership
  • Gosling Educational Foundation. [The Foundation is comprised of representatives as follows: two Essex County Council representatives (Mrs Jarman, Mrs Willis), two Parish Council representatives (Mrs Moloney, Mrs Humphreys), The Rector (represented by Mrs Stubbings) and a representative of the owner of Hassobury (Mrs Humphreys as a member of the Gosling family).]
  • Finance Committee.


  1. Confirmation of Previous Appointments
  • Recreation Area Group. [Mrs Jarman, Mrs Smith, Mrs Pearson, Mrs Hitchman, Mrs Fraser-Andrews, Mr Jarman]
  • Planning Advisory Group (previously Village Plan Group). [Mr Smith, chair, Mr Fraser-Andrews, Mr Dunsford, Mrs Tattersall]

  1. Public Participation Session with respect to items on the agenda and other matters that are of mutual interest. The maximum time for this session is 15 minutes.  The Council will first hear from councillors with prejudicial (if any) interests followed by representations or questions from members of the public.


  1. Minutes of Previous Meeting.

To approve the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 22nd April 2024 and of the Annual Meeting of the Parish held on 18thMarch 2024. Copy of the minutes have been previously circulated.

  1. Matters to Report.
    1. Report by the Clerk.
    2. Report by Clerk on BSN meeting with East Herts DC.
    3. Matters to report from any other Councillor if appropriate (to include as and when necessary, parish council areas of responsibility such as the Parish Paths, Highways, War Memorial, Emergency Plan and any other issues).

  • Pending:

INV/ 24/0061/B                 Alleged planning breach. Wall at front of property pulled down in conservation area.

                                             [Awaiting Outcome].

UTT/22/1203/FUL             Construction and operation of Solar Energy Batter Storage system and necessary infra

structure. Scoping application by Endurance Energy (Wickham Hall) [Awaiting Decision].


  • New:                                 

UTT/22/1203/FUL             Application for battery storage unit & associated infrastructure on land off Pelham Road,

Berden. This is a cross authority application with East Herts DC (3/2203805/FUL) with full access from Uttlesford. [Awaiting Decision].                   

    1. End of Financial Year Reconciled Balances (on page 2 of agenda).
    2. Internal Audit. Report by Mr Rivers-Latham, internal auditor, on the end of year financial accounts.
    3. Internal Auditor’s Report. Discussion and Approval.
    4. Accounts 2023-2024. To review, discuss and approve the accounts for the last financial year, taking into consideration

         the report of the internal auditor prior to making them available for external audit and local residents.

  1. To approve the full AGAR document for return to the External Auditor.
  2. To approve the notice informing members of the public their rights with regard to inspection of the Parish Council accounts. Payments made before meeting.
  3. Payments made before the meeting.                   None.
  4. Payments to be approved: –  TBS Hygiene. (£43.20) Waste Bin Collection (May).

  1. CCTV in Farnham.

To update councillors on the stage reached and issues to be considered.

  1. Farnham Village Hall Management Committee.

Mr Delvallé/Mrs Wainwright to speak to this item.

  1. Farnham Social Club.

Mr Smith to speak to this item.

  1. Correspondence.
  • Letter from Juliette Steer, Rectory Lane.

  1. Any Other Business that does not require a decision.


  1. Date of next meetings:
  • Monday 15th July 2024 (Annual Meeting of the Parish Council).                                                              


* * * * * * * * * * *


Summary of Bank Accounts


Current and Deposit Account


                  Bank Reconciliation
  788520 7177004 Total
Balance per cash book 2,876.95 15,323.48 18,200.43
Unpresented cheques 0 0 0
Receipts not deposited 0 0 0
Balance per Bank Statement 2,876.95 15,323.48 18,200.43
Reconciled 30th April 2024      


Defibrillator Account

                  Bank Reconciliation
  Account 219534 Total
Balance per cash book 19,495.72 19,495.72
Unpresented cheques 0 0
Receipts not deposited 0 0
Balance per Bank Statement 19,495.72 19,495.72
Reconciled 30th April 2024    

(£18,400.00 CCTV; £545.72 Defib)